Elgia Glass had the vision

He saw the need and felt God was asking him to pursue this. Through tenacity and research - and the help of friends and neighbors - his vision took shape.

A van was found and not only was it perfect for the mobile unit, it was being sold by a retired plumber. When he heard Elgia's vision, the plumber dropped the price of the van dramatically and offered to help with the conversion.

After a week, the plumber asked Elgia to stop by. Thinking they were just going to discuss plumbing needs, Elgia was astounded when the plumber handed the money back across the table. He said God had spoken to him as well ...

... and told him to just give the van to Elgia.

Help continued to come from unexpected places.

► One of Elgia's friends is an organizational wiz. She helped with the paperwork to set up the business.

► Another friend took the paperwork and helped establish the corporation as a charitable non-profit so other donors could help contribute.

► Yet another friend is in the marketing business and her son offered to create the logo. Then the whole family joined together to create marketing materials and donate the website and hosting.